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To Know When To Go Away And When To Come Closer Is The Key To Any Lasting Relationship.

If You Understand Life, You Need A Reality Check.

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Say Nothing.

I’m A Bad Influence Because I Like To Have Fun.

Life Is About Learning From The Past Trust In Your Feelings Taking Chances Losing And Finding Happiness Appreciating The Memories And Realizing That Life Goes On.

Everybody Wants Happiness Nobody Wants Pain But You Can’t Have A Rainbow Without A Little Rain.

Your Happiness Is Not Determined By What’s Happening Around You, But Rather What’s Happening Inside Of You.

Sometimes Good Things End In Tears, So That You Can Have New Ones With The Smiles.

Smile. It Kills The People Who Want To See You Cry.

Never Stop Smiling Because Once You Do, Your Realize How Hard And Sad Life Is. And You May Never Smile Again.