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Loving You Is Like Breathing How Can I Stop.

Love Is Gambling, Not With Money But With Your Heart. You Can Always Get Money Back, But You Might Not Get Your Heart Back.

The Difference Between Can And Cannot Are Only Three Letters. Three Letter That Determines Your Life Direction.

The Best Revenge Is Just Moving On. Don’t Give Someone The Satisfaction Of Watching You Suffer.

Sometimes You Need Patience In Order To Find True Happiness. It Won’t Come Fast And It Won’t Come Easy, But It Will Be Worth It.

One Smile Can’t Change The World But Your Smile Changes Mine.

My Stars Said I Would Meet The Woman Of My Dreams Tonight.

I’m In My Bed, You Are In Yours. One Of Us Is Obviously In The Wrong Place.

Too Many Teenagers Are Worried About Love And Finding It. This Is The Time To Find Yourself, Who You Really Are And What You Want To Be.

This Girl Makes Me Crazy. Her Lips Are Soft Like A Flower, Her Eyes Are Deep Like Sea. And When She Smiles, Happiness Is Unleashed All Around.

The Way He Looked At Her Was The Way All Girls Want To Be Looked At.

Every Girl Wants To Mean Something To Somebody. All It Takes Is A Little Text To Show Her She’s On Your Mind.

Boys Will Be Boys As Long As There Are No Girls In The Picture.

Every Girl Wants One Guy To Meet All Her Needs, While Every Guy Wants All The Girls To Meet His One Need.

Usually, Relationships End When People Get Tired Of Pretending To Be The Person Their Partner Likes.

You are The Guy Who Smiles When I Do Laughs At My Jokes Even When U Don’t Think There Funny U Fall After I Fall So We Both Can Laugh With Each Other And I Love You.