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Whatsapp status for life in High-Quality resolution. Hey, Pal today we are going talk about something that is now becoming an essential element of your life and it is none another than Whatsapp Status. We all are using WhatsApp as it is one of the best instant messaging applications available on the internet and have a huge active audience. The major portion of people prefers WhatsApp on their smartphone to share Whatsapp Status download and Whatsapp images with each other. They also put Whatsapp status images on their profile. When it comes to transferring messages through this app, the best way is the revolutionary Status function of Facebook-owned app Whatsapp and we all know that it is free, unlike the SMS Text messages. You know, the Status function is added to the app in the year 2018 in India. WhatsApp is inundated with lots of features such as uploading of the files including the WhatsApp status images and it also allows us to put a text version of it. You will feel overwhelmed that from the latest update now you put Whatsapp Video Status and show others what you are feeling. The App is the fastest way to disseminate facts related to a particular topic. Moreover, you can also share jokes and memes to bring smiles to your friends face. So now without taking much of your time here we have clustered some of the most searched queries and listed the handpicked WhatsApp status quotes just for our dear Audience, Hope you All Enjoy it.

Some People Come Into Our Lives & Leave Footprints On Our Hearts. Others Come Into Our Lives & Make Us Wanna Leave Footprints On Their Face.

Don’t Put Words Into My Mouth. I Have Got Plenty To Say. Don’t Tell Me How To Live My Life, I Do Things My Way.

My Life, My Choices, My Problems, My Mistakes, My Lessons. Not Your Business, Mind Your Own Problems Before You Talk About Mine.

Maintaining The Right Attitude Is Easier Than Regaining The Right Attitude.

Whatsapp Status

When we talk about Anger, it is perhaps the most destructive of all emotions. It is an emotion that changes the person completely. Anger causes certain changes in the body – the blood begins to circulate faster, the eyes become red and some people even tremble with anger. But when it is used in the positive sense with WhatsApp status sad then it acts as a fuel for the mind.

I Smile Because I Don’t Know What The Hell Is Going On.

Your Living Is Determined Not So Much By What Life Brings To You As By The Attitude You Bring To Life Not So Much By What Happens To You As By The Way, Your Mind Looks At What Happens.

Why Do I Always Wake Up Tired And Fall Asleep Wide Awake?

Love Is What Makes You Smile When You’re Tired.

Whatsapp Status Download

Motivation is a dynamic state that induces an individual to act as desired. It is having the encouragement to do something. It is the act of stimulating someone or oneself to get a desired course of action, to push the right button you need this Motivation Whatsapp Status to get the desired action. But Attitude is something with which one assesses factors like people, objects, issues, or events. It can either be positive or negative, that depends on how one views the situation. Attitude depends on person to person whether is implicit or explicit. to Show your Attitude or to judge others’ one must make use of this WhatsApp status attitudebecause with these Images he or she can perceive what is going on in someone mind.

True Love Doesn’t Make The World Go Round Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.

You Love Two Minds Without A Single Thought.

Sweetness Is Not Sugar Or Honey But The Kind Of Feeling That Makes You Call Your Lover Sweetheart.

I Sent An Angel To Look Over You At Night. The Angel Came Back A Minute Later. I Asked It Why. It Told Me Angels Don’t Watch Other Angels.

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All humans feel the emotion of Sadness. From our very first temper-tantrums up to the present day most people have tried to avoid feeling sad. Is sadness such a negative emotion that nothing good can ever come from it? Well, that remains the mystery the best we can do is express that sadness with this WhatsApp status sad So that we can feel light from our heart. In a broader sense, to be cool means to remain calm even under stress. The practice of cool developed mainly with this collection of WhatsApp status photo which helps you to carry out your cool nature in front of the others who always judge you. A cool attitude helped you to deal with the tough situations of life. it gives you that courage that drives you some robust outcomes.

Your Eyes Are The Sweetest Stars I’ve Ever Seen.

Love Is The Slowest Suicide, And You Can’t Stop It, Even Though It’s Killing You On The Inside, You Just Have To Live With All The Pain Until It’s Finally Over.

I Love You And That Is True, But That Is The Difference Between Me And You. My Love Is Real, To You, It’s Just Another 3 Words You Say.

Why Is It That The Person That Makes You The Happiest Is The Same Person That Hurts You The Most?

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When someone talks about the True love he means to choose that person over yourself and give up things for them whether you get something back or not. It means anything from giving up going to a sports game to in some cases giving up their lives. To express the desire to do things for a person achieved by this WhatsApp status on love and also encourage to express the feelings. True friendship is an emotion of love, sharing, and caring. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are. Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough Friendship makes life thrilling. This Lovely WhatsApp status download makes life sweet and pleasant experience.

Missing Someone & Not Being Able To See Them Is The Worst Feeling Ever.

I Miss You More Than The Sun Misses The Sky At Night.

Life Is So Short, So Fast. The Lone Hours We Ought To Be Together, You And I.

A Creative Man Is Motivated By The Desire To Achieve, Not By The Desire To Beat Others.

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Romance is one of the greatest arenas for spiritual growth available to humans. It is worthy of taking a chance on love if we are viewing it as a learning experience rather than the goal in, and of, itself. Romance is part of the journey – not the destination. So moving on this journey you may need this best WhatsApp status romantic list that will surely guide you in the lovely path of love. It always a matter of honour to feel the presence of someone who truly respects you, listens to every story you will tell, and someone who will accept you even with the darkest secrets that you have. But sometimes time will come when you realize that you are missing someone? But don’t be sad, use this handpicked collection of WhatsApp status best and make them believe that how much you are missing them.

If You Want To Achieve Greatness Stop Asking For Permission.

You Have To Learn The Rules Of The Game. And Then You Have To Play Better Than Anyone Else.

Friendship Is Born At That Moment When One Person Says To Another ‘what You Too I Thought I Was The Only One.

A True Friend Never Gets In Your Way Unless You Happen To Be Going Down.