Love Status in English

Latest Love Status in English For WhatsApp: July 2020 Edition.

There Is A Part Of Me That’s Gonna Be In Love With You For The Rest Of My Life.

I Realized That No Guy Will Ever Be Right For Me. Not After I Met You.

Love Is Just A Word Until Someone Special Gives It A Meaning.

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know. You’re All That I Need.

No Matter What Happens I Will Never Let Anything Change How I Feel About You.

Being With You Makes Me Feel Like For Once In My Life I Don’t Have To Work So Hard On Being Happy, It Just Happens.

Never Chase Love, Affection, Or Attention. If It Isn’t Given Freely By Another Person, It Isn’t Worth Having.

The Difference Between Like, Love And In Love Is The Same Difference Between For Now, For A While And Forever.

Love Can Be Demonstrated Not Defined.

Being Someone’s First Love May Be Great, But To Be Their Last Is Beyond Perfect.

You Think You’re One Of the Millions But You’re One In A Million To Me.

I Usually Don’t Get Attached Too Easily, But That Changes When I Met You.

I Can’t Go A Day Without Thinking About You.

Love The One Who Makes Ur World Beautiful.

If Your Heart Was A Prison, I Would Like To Be Sentenced For Life.

No One Realizes The Beauty Of Love Until You’re Caught In It.