How to buy stocks in india

Why Do You need to buy Indian Stocks?

As India is a developing Country where the Economy is growing at a very fast pace it gives rise to some of the best places to buy the Stocks. If you want to invest directly in Indian stock exchanges, start by monitoring the movements of the Sensex and Nifty stocks.

Prerequisite For Buying An Indian Stock

Manually Investigate Indian Stock Exchanges

You have to manually keep a check over Sensex and Nifty for buying Stocks. The movement of the Bombay Stock Exchange is indexed by the changes occurring to 30 Sensex stocks. The NSE’s movement is tracked by 50 stocks that comprise the Nifty.

Have a Research for Possible Stocks

Financial reports or stock analyses created by financial advisors are the best sources from where you get knowledge about the Current Stocks and with which you can frame whether to buy it or not.

Consult an Indian broker relating Indian Stock

As you are new to this are feel free to consult with someone who is already in this industry over a long period of time. He has the prior experience of whether company stocks go up or down.

Must Apply for a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card

In order to deal with any financial services, you must have a PAN Card. Your 10-digit PAN Number allows tax authorities to track your investments and tax burden.

Open a savings or banking account

You must have a banking account in order to transfer funds to your broker or brokerage site for stock purchases. Your profits can also be deposited in your banking account

Establish a Demat account

This account virtually holds the shares of your purchases and also allows easy tracking of the purchases.

Be aware of taxation rules in India

Must be aware of all the taxation rules that are running in India. it not only help you to manage your stocks more easily but also helps you during IT returns.


Buying Stocks are subject to market risk. But still, a lot of people are engaged in it and earning huge profit. If you are going to buy one best wishes from Buzzworld. Good Luck!


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