Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning can be broadly defined as computational methods using the experience to improve the performance or to make accurate predictions. In a common ground machine learning is a series of mathematical manipulations performed on important data in order to gain valuable insights.

It is the study of algorithms that learn from examples and experience instead of hardcode rules. It is evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in Artificial Intelligence.

Effect Of Machine Learning in Different Sectors

Financial Services

The companies of the Fintech industry now able to identify the key insights from the data that is available to them. Authentication and trust methods are now more improved by employing the ML in it.

Financial Fraud are now easily overruled with the highly scalable models of Machine Learning.

Cyber Surveillance is employed which helps in identifying those individuals or institutions which are prone to financial risk.

Marketing and Sales

Sales Industry using Machine Learning techniques to analyze the purchase history of their customers and make recommendations personalized to their needs and likings.

The ability to provide personalized and customized recommendations helps in increasing the sale as well as the overall profit of the company.


With the invention of wearable sensors and devices, we can have a track of real-time person health. ML is becoming a fast-growing trend in the healthcare industry.

Doctors and Specialists use the results of these insights to make more robust outcomes and medicine.

The technology also empowers medical experts to analyze data to identify trends that facilitate better diagnosis and treatment.


The data that is captured from travel history and pattern of traveling across various routes helps transportation companies to predict potential problems that could arise on a specific route.

Delivery and transportation firms using ML to perform Data Analysis and help their customers to make smart tracking.

Final Words

Machine Learning is now an important part of our daily lives which is now shaping society, culture and even our future. It affects how we work, socialize and play.


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