Google Summer of Code 2019 – GSoC

GSoC stands for Google Summer of Code. Every year Google conducted GSoC in order to promote the Open Source Community. Since last Decade GSoC constantly exciting the great minds of the world. This program starts in mid of May and lasts till mid of August covering nearly a 12 Week duration. Through Google Summer of Code students work for open source organizations and in return, they get paid by Google as a reward for their hard work. Well, Guys it the best way you can use your summer for learning as well as earning.

Eligibility criteria for Google Summer of Code

Take a look at these points and for further information visit Google Summer of Code official site.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must currently be a full or part-time student (or have been accepted for the fall term) at an accredited university as of the student acceptance date.
  • You need a PAN Card(For Indians)
  • You need to get an enrollment letter from your college or University which should have the starting date and end date of your course.
  • For safe side get the enrollment letter as ID cards may get rejected.
  • You must be eligible to work in the country you will reside in during the program.
  • You have not already been accepted as a Student in GSoC more than once.
  • You must reside in a country that is not currently embargoed by the United States. See Program Rules for more information.

How to Apply for Google Summer of Code

These Steps will guide you so that you can apply easily for the program.

Step 1. Choose the Organization

First and the most important thing is choosing organization because if the organization and the work it performs doesn’t excite you then there will be no use of it. You can find all the organizations on the official page of the GSoC site. So be very selective while choosing the organization.

Step 2. Choose a Project

The second thing that you should keep in mind is that the project over which you are going to work. It is very important that your project is realistic, innovative, and will be useful for the community. You have assigned mentors which will guide you throughout the Project.

Step 3. Get in Touch with the Community

Try to get connected with the organization as much as possible because this is the way you get to know about the organization and their work Flow. Join their Slack community and regularly get updated with their Github repos.

Step 4. Prepare your Project Proposal

At last, prepare your proposal for the Project. It is one of the most important things as it will contain the details of the work you are going to do the entire summer. It should contain the detailed description of your project. So make it with full dedication.

Why You must apply for Google Summer of Code

  • You will become part of an open source community.
  • You get to interact with some of the experienced minds and get to know the exact workflow from them.
  • You will be earning a stipend from Google and if you are an Indian and it will be around $2400 which is a handsome amount.
  • All successful GSoC students will be offered a one-time referral for a role at Google.

Final Words

At last, be confident in your own skills and don’t feel low if you don’t know a particular technology. just go for it and slowly and steadily you get over it. Good Luck!

Note- All the details mentioned above are tentative. Please refer official GSoC site for full details.


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