What is cyber crime in india

Cyber Crime and Social Security

In today’s World, Cyber Criminals work like a pro. They are highly organized and normally highly qualified. With the advancement of technology the online community evolved at a very fast pace and create a parallel universe of Cyber Crime.

Due to this increase in the this Domain the security of people is in danger, Cyber Criminals not only hack and transfer money from e-banking accounts, mobile wallets illegally but also they sell precious highly confidential bank data to others.

Now Cyber Crime has shaped itself into a form of Cyber Terrorism and you get shocked after knowing that almost everyday cyber war incidences are also being reported by the media.

Cyber Crime Other Aspects

With the use of a large amount of social media websites and apps, a large portion of the mass is under the scanner and new advancements in technology have eventually led to more precise hacking methods.

Banking facilities are also becoming the victim of these Criminals. Bank accounts can be hacked and all the money can be transferred to another account by finding the vulnerabilities in the application or via phishing emails.

The growth of E-business also gets exploited by the Cyber Crime. Make transactions were made by the hackers for buying goods online. In some cases it also reported that they may use someone credit card for buying goods online.

Why Cyber Criminals Gather Personal Information of People?

  1. They use the stolen data to sell to other countries.
  2. The personal data helps them to easily break someone passwords and bank details.
  3. It guides them about all the habits of a person that is what he likes or what he eats or where he goes etc.

Common Methods Used by Cyber Criminals

Social Engineering

It is a very famous method and most of the time cyber hackers get succeeded in it. They use sites like facebook, twitter and google for hacking and finding their baits. As per Verizone 2015 DBIR Reports, humans or users account for 90% of security incidents.

Google Dorking

It is a technique through which we gather information that is difficult to locate through simple search queries. It is a very powerful information gathering technique.

Transit Stealing

People do not use proper encryption methods so while data is in transit and its transit in clear text form then a hacker can easily steal it using sniffers.

Types of Cyber Crime

The various cyber crimes that are committed against individuals and society are –

  • E-mail hacking
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Cyber Pornography
  • Defamation via Image Spoofing
  • Email Spoofing
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Phishing and Spam
  • Social Networking Account Hacking

Safety Measures to avoid Cyber Attack

  • Always install Licensed Softwares and make use only of genuine products.
  • Use the OTP method for online shopping.
  • Never Share your personal details with anyone.
  • Always check for SSL certificate on a site that is its connect must be “https”.
  • Setup security and privacy policies for social networking sites.
  • Don’t reply to spammy emails and unusual emails and messages.
  • Never click on unusual links and never visit such pages.


Cyber Crime has emerged as a serious threat, therefore, we need to take proper initiatives to curb cross-border cyberwar threats which are taking shape. At last be Safe!


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