Myths about fitness

Real Meaning of Fitness

Fitness today is the Mecca where all health freaks direct their pilgrimage. To many, it remains elusive while a few fortunate ones claim to have attained it through sheer perseverance. Although the dictionary defines it as the condition of being physically fit and healthy, I would say that the absence of the disease is not only the indication of a fit body.

It’s interesting to know that how myths and facts regarding fitness continue to coexist in our consciousness regardless of the continuous efforts by experts and researchers to dispel wrong notions.

Myths and Facts Related to Fitness

Let us examine some common myths prevailing today-

  • No Pain No Gain is a belief that persists in spite of there being ample evidence against it. A good lifestyle incorporating a balanced diet at fixed times, ample sleep, good interpersonal relationships, substantial physical activity, and leisure time enjoyment ensures good health.
  • Body weight defines fitness according to many who do not realize that each person inherits a certain type of body structure and the best thing to do is to make the most of it by taking good care of it. Many young people agonize over their body weight and made inordinate effort to change their body shape.
  • Running is more effective than walking is a fallacy and its true that runners may suffer knee pain, lower back pain if they do not wear the right kind of shoes, Choose the right surface, regulate the way their foot lands and maintain correct incline.
  • Weight loss cannot happen without dieting is a myth which has been proved so by a number of people who made a desirable change in their body just by changing their attitude, belief system, and mindset.

Final Outcome

In the end, I would like to underline the importance of right thinking for perfect Fitness. You will find Strength, vigor, alertness completeness and presence of mind as some aspects synonymous to fitness.


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